Wholesale Slatwall

Designing a retail setting that will keep customers coming back depends a great deal on the type and layout of wholesale slatwall fixtures. For each store that sells cosmetics, gift bags, food items, clothing, home improvement supplies such as paint brushes, tape measurers and more, there is a different approach to the best way to set up a display. The first thing a shopper should encounter when walking into a store is a display that attracts attention long enough to browse the contents.

Wholesale slatwall fixtures include horizontal and vertical panels, hooks, racks, faceouts, wire shelves and more. With the diversity available for display height, depth and length, the design options are endless. For instance, if the floor space is limited, making use of wall panels is imperative. Displays such as gift bags, small articles of clothing and cosmetics are examples of items that can hang on wall displays.

Wholesale Slatwall for Retailers

For items that require more space, or for heavy items, aisle displays are the way to go. Heavy items particularly should be displayed from the floor to no more than waist high. The safety of customers and employees should not be left out of the design.

Dollar Store Fixtures is a wholesale slatwall company that has everything needed to get a new business set up to showcase any product. The knowledge and experience of experts in everything from layout to installation is available with just one phone call. The toll-free number is 1-877-549-5210, or email info@dollarstorefixtures.com.